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About IQ Woman

About IQ Woman

We are not a tabloid heavyweight or a glossy magazine with endless adverts and minimal articles about irrelevant topics

We live in a world outside London and still believe it is possible to be a Woman with IQ, style and views….

This month we are tackling ‘New Beginnings’: here is a taster of what is going to be on offer…

BUSINESS: business

  • Setting up a new blog
  • Different ideas for Working Mums


  • Fitting a new business into family life
  • A look at Pintrest and how it can inspire you
  • How to get salon perfect hair at home – tips from an expert


  • Begin your Sunday with a relaxing family breakfast
    • How to get more vegetables into your family in 2013
    • Quick cooking cheats


  • A sensible angle on current news stories
  • Good news for once!