Can your Career Change Direction for a Better Work Life Balance?

For many of us school is the first step and the path is more or less written from there, college/university, career, marriage, family. The vision you once had versus life now may have taken a new direction. Your career may have taken you down a different route to the one you had planned or you may have simply exhausted your chosen career.

Family life changes the balance of life and can be the catalyst for a change of direction or start of a new career or business venture.

work life

Any change is a frightening concept for most of us and it is natural to worry about the possibility of failure. The idea of jeopardizing your financial security, particularly when you have bigger responsibilities. It is important to look beyond what we stand to lose that we and remember to consider all that we stand to gain.

Generally mothers are looking for work hours they can control and fit in around family commitments. When work time is limited and precious it is important that work is rewarding, both emotionally and financially. Which is why so many mothers become self employed and work freelance or start their own businesses.

Can your career change direction for a better work life balance?


Working around appointments can be adapted to suit your needs, this type of work will suit many professions, coaching, financial planning, nutritionist…


Private tutoring from home…


Many writers work freelance, writing magazine articles, blog posts, speeches, press releases…


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