Hotheaded Naked Ice Borers

The April 1995 issue of Discover Magazine reported that the highly respected wildlife biologist Dr. Aprile Pazzo had found a new species in Antarctica: the hotheaded naked ice borer. These fascinating creatures had bony plates on their heads that, fed by numerous blood vessels, could become burning hot, allowing the animals to bore through ice at high speeds. They used this ability to hunt penguins, melting the ice beneath the penguins and causing them to sink downwards into the resulting slush where the hotheads consumed them. After much research, Dr. Pazzo theorized that the hotheads might have been responsible for the mysterious disappearance of noted Antarctic explorer Philippe Poisson in 1837. “To the ice borers, he would have looked like a penguin,” the article quoted her as saying. Discover received more mail in response to this article than they had received for any other article in their history.

I found this article whilst researching April Fools day: www.museumofhoaxes and there are many other great articles that have been reported over the years!

April Fools Day is not a national holiday, but is celebrate in many countries…

Iranians play jokes on each other on the 13th day of Persian new year (Nowruz) and this falls on the 1st or 2nd of April. This day is called Sizdah Bedar has been celebrated  since 536, it is the oldest prank day in the world and it is believed that from this day April Fools Day originates.

Tradition on 1st April in France, Romandy and French-speaking Canada includes poisson d’avril (literally “April’s fish”) is to attach a paper fish to victims back without being noticed.

The Flemish tradition is for children to lock out their parents or teachers, only letting them in if they promise to bring treats the same evening or the next day.

In Scotland, April Fools’ Day is traditionally called Hunt-the-Gowk Day (“gowk” is Scots for a cuckoo or a foolish person) not a term used now. The traditional prank is to ask someone to deliver a sealed message requesting help of some sort. In fact, the message reads “Dinna laugh, dinna smile. Hunt the gowk another mile”. The recipient, upon reading it, will explain he can only help if he first contacts another person, and sends the victim to this person with an identical message, with the same result.

I also found some suggestions for your own April Fool prank, some are better than others!

  • Replace the cream filling of Oreos with toothpaste, then invite your target for a snack.
  • Add a few drops of food coloring to the bottom of a cereal bowl. When your target pours in milk, he’ll get a colorful surprise.
  • Switch your friend’s cell phone background image to a photo of cracked glass.
  • Take a screenshot of your coworker’s computer desktop, and set it as the background. Hide all of the desktop icons and watch as she struggles with the “frozen” screen.
  • Post a sign on the office copy machine that says, “This copier is now voice-activated.”

april fools


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