IQ Woman’s Solution to ‘The Man Drawer’

Fans of Michael McIntyre will know all about the ‘Man Drawer’ – home of all things masculine: radiator bleeding keys, worn out batteries, instructions for long discarded electrical items and take away menus… I would describe it as a drawer of all things of useless!

Another of Michael McIntyre’s unforgettable pieces was about his wife very cleverly telling him off for not putting things in the dishwasher. Instead of the usual rant about
‘Why can’t you just put it in the dishwasher instead of leaving it on the side?’
that I would come out with, his wife asked him if he would like her to drop their children halfway to school instead of in the school playground? Or whether he would expect her to cook the Sunday roast by preparing the joint and leaving it next to the oven for 3 hours? You can see where she’s going with this!!

Whilst listening to this joke worked briefly on my husband it still doesn’t entirely solve the problem of what to do with the dishes that clutter up the side whilst your dishwasher is full or running. Everyone likes their sides to be free from the detritus of the last meal but not everyone enjoys/has the time to wash up the ‘extra’ by hand.

So this IQ Woman has come up with a cunning plan! The Dish Drawer! Instead of leaving all the stuff on the side – looking a mess if unexpected visitors arrive and generally causing irritation – how about putting it in a drawer?


Ideally it would be a drawer next to the dishwasher, and deep enough to fit pans in. I have added a pot with soapy water in to put cutlery in to soak.

We are on day one of this experiment and the dishwasher isn’t full yet, but the moment it is the whole family has been instructed on where the ‘Dish Drawer’ is….will report in a few days of whether it works and our worktops are clean and clear – or whether the ‘Dish Drawer’ is as useless as the ‘Man Drawer’!!!

PS.  In retaliation my husband has named it the ‘Lazy Drawer’…


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