Be Cheerful and Keep Your Faith – do the little things

Today is St. David’s day. 1st March marks the day that the patron saint of Wales died. On his deathbed he is famously quoted for saying:

“Be cheerful and keep your faith and belief, and do the little things that you have heard and seen through me.”

1500 years since his death and his words are as relevant today as they were to his beloved followers at the time.

This IQ woman, not being Welsh, and therefore ignorant of most things Welsh (including their patron saint) hears the words ‘St. David’ and automatically thinks leeks, dragons and lots of ‘L’s! But clearly there is more to St. David than a vegetable often left wilting in the fridge!.

Despite being famous for leeks, St. David went on many pilgrimages from his Welsh base – from Glastonbury to Jerusalem. He founded religious centres, was made an Archbishop and even created miracles – from curing blindness to making the ground rise up.

Clearly to have a legend lasting 1500 years or more – the man must have been quite something. What can we take from his deathbed advice?

The 1st March is the perfect day for being cheerful and keeping the faith. The days are getting longer, the sun is coming out – there is light to help us keep the faith!

Do the little things – 1500 years before Tesco, St. David knew that ‘Every little helps’! The little things are everything in life: a smile and a wave to a driver who lets you in; a cup of tea made for your husband in the morning; the dishwasher unstacked without asking; your favourite song on the radio, etc. The smallest thing can put a smile on your face and change the course of your day.

And don’t forget that you have the power to do those little things for other people and change the course of their day….


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