How to Promote your Business, For Free

Working around family

Working around family

Being self employed has advantages and it is a real option for many mothers wishing to combine motherhood and working. Self employment certainly gives time flexibility to be able to work around school times and holidays as well as being able to go to see your little one in their school production, sports day, concert… There are not enough jobs out there flexible enough to work around family life successfully. IQ Women recognise how important it is to catch these special moments.

Self employment may be the ideal choice to work around your family, it is not easy. In the early days your budget is limited, but to be successful and grow you will need to promote your business. Unless this is your line of expertise where do you start? Business cards, brochures, logos, website, SEO…Do you have a budget big enough? IQ Woman has found the perfect answer a PR workshop covering:

1.    Targeting and working with the media
2.    Promoting your business through online activity
3.    How to ensure constant media attention
4.    How to Become a PR Expert in your industry or field
5.    All by doing it yourself

Date and Time : Wednesday, 20 February, 2013 – 12:30
This training workshop course is normally £145 but FREE to iHubbub members.

iHubbub is free to join and and has a wealth of advice and information, competitions, reviews and much more.


2 thoughts on “How to Promote your Business, For Free

  1. Marthafied

    Working for yourself is such an attractive concept, i have to admit, I feel so scared to even contemplate such a move during these econimic times, however… this PR Workshop sounds really interesting and might offer some new ideas!


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