As Strong as a…Teabag?

Intelligence Quotient, or IQ. IQ scores are used as predictors of educational achievement, special needs, job performance and income. They are also used to study IQ distributions in populations and the correlations between IQ and other variables. The average IQ scores for many populations have been rising at an average rate of three points per decade since the early 20th century, a phenomenon called the Flynn effect. It is disputed whether these changes in scores reflect real changes in intellectual abilities.

We are all different with different skills in life. We have all met the person so intelligent, but have had their head in a book for so long that they have no social skills. The person than can tell you all about quantum physics, but a simple everyday task leaves them baffled. People have very successful lives with varying levels of intelligence, the ability to adapt, learn, keep going and not let anything hold you back is the key to success.

One IQ Woman found herself in a tight situation some time ago. Her hours at work had been cut dramatically and their income had dropped to a point that once the bills had been paid there was very little money left for food. A quick online check revealed that they may be able to claim a reduction on their council tax bill due to low income. But an even quicker phone call she learned that their income was fifty pence per month too much to be able to claim this benefit! She was also told that this was very unfortunate because they would have been entitled to have their council tax paid in full! Obviously this did not help them in any way at that time, they could not survive with next to no money for food. Any job at all at that time would have helped, but lacking relevant qualifications and or experience, no references for that particular type of work made job hunting depressing and a waste of energy. She decided that her time and energy would be far better spent doing something more productive and found some freelance work. She fitted this in around her original job to begin with, but has found it to be so successful that she was able to leave her job and concentrate on her freelance work. Now this hasn’t happened over night and has taken a good couple of years to establish, but well worth the hard work and effort.

If their income had been that little bit less at the time would our IQ Woman have made this effort and found this strength, a helping hand is one thing but a hand out is not the answer.

Be confident about your strengths, your strength is unknown to you, like a teabag: until you are dropped in hot water you do not know just how strong you are.



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