Another U turn

Is it just IQ Woman that thinks Cabinet Ministers seem to have to justify their jobs by making big policy changes just for the sake of it?  And then back tracking?

Today Michael Gove renounced his policy of abolishing GCSE’s in favour of the EBC (English Baccalaureate Certificate) despite publicly rubbishing GCSE’s only last September.  Teaching friends of IQ Woman are thrilled as they viewed the EBC as an ill-thought out waste of time, but where does this leave the thousands of teenagers due to take their GCSE’s this year and next?

Whilst IQ Woman applauds Gove for his original statement about the ‘race to the bottom’ by exam boards vying to make their syllabus and exams the easiest to engineer higher pass rates, perhaps he should have fully conceived and planned his reforms before belittling the existing system still in place for our teenagers?  After all the pupils in his education system are asked daily by their teachers to read their questions properly, show their workings out and give fully reasoned answers!

Let’s hope he doesn’t backtrack on his other pledge to take A levels back to being examined at the end of the two year period of sixth form, rather than with the present system of AS levels and modules.  IQ Woman, a 70s child, took A levels when they had exams at the end of the two years.  However on a whim 9 years ago IQ Woman decided to do English Literature A level ‘just for fun’ as an evening course.  IQ Woman took the AS level and got an A (very pleased with herself!) but on the results sheet it said that even if she didn’t go on and take the A level exam she had already acheived an E, i.e. passed it without even sitting it!  What a mockery!  

Our exam system needs sorting out with some urgency – but reforms need to be properly thought through to give them any credibility or support from the teaching profession, parents and pupils.


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