It’s only snow!

Is it me but why on earth is snow News? On the News this morning they had a reporter standing in a side street in Matlock, Derbyshire and they were filming people coming out of their houses to go to work. They interviewed a man scraping off his car and asked him what he was going to cope with the snow…to which his puzzled answer was “Well, just get on with it I suppose”! What a stupid question and is it really worthy of a news item that it is snowing in the Peak District?

Another irritating comment I heard was “Snow has already fallen in Scotland” – surely if snow hadn’t fallen in Scotland then that would be news?

Sadly that is the media today – everything is a big drama. In many countries proper snow is a fact of daily life, but they manage to carry on, whereas here a few flakes of something purporting to be snow and the media suggest that the country has come to a standstill!

The media is bad enough but at least you can turn off the TV or ignore the paper. What I think is a real problem is the example being set to the next generation. At the slightest hint of snow the teachers close the schools. Today for example I received a text from my children’s school saying to pick them up as early as we like because of the snow…all roads were open, cars moving about no problem and merely an inch of snow on the ground but school was closing! This is fine for me because I work from home but I can’t begin to imagine the headache it causes working parents. The knock-on effect of teachers wanting the afternoon off is massive – working mothers have to leave work early (or can’t attend at all), their employers are then left with a gap to fill, other employees have to step into the breech to cover absent parents – it goes on.

The headteacher had told the children that if it is icy tomorrow then school will be closed. Why is this when everyone else has to go to work as normal? My husband works for a haulage company – all their vehicles will be out despite the “snow” because people still expect food to be on the shelves of supermarkets and electricity to come from power stations – their drivers are expected work when it’s ‘snowing’ even if the teachers don’t have to.

When this generation are part of the working world will they expect a day off if white stuff falls from the sky? I hope not – when will this madness stop?


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