Can 6 Sausages make a meal for 5?

We are trying very hard to make good use of the food that we bought before Christmas, so I am reluctant to go shopping. I know if there isn’t anything else to choose from I will make something from what we have. So today it is a smaller packet  of sausages than I had thought, we have some potatoes left and some carrots.


Heat the oven to the highest temperature

Whizz together: 350 ml of milk, 4 eggs and 250 g plain flour. Leave to stand.

I used a 28cm round tin, cut the sausages into bite sized pieces into the tin and pop in the oven.

Let the sausage cook for 10 minutes and add the batter, cook for 20-30 minutes at 220 c.

Cut into portions and serve with mash potato, carrots and onion gravy.

straight out of the oven

straight out of the oven

It looked good, tasted good was filling and the children enjoyed it too! There are reports in the news today  claiming that we throw away £10bn worth of food each year, at a cost of £480 per average household. We need to make sure that we can make the most of the foods we buy to avoid such waste!


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