2013 – The Year to Grow and Improve

I left school a more years ago than I care to think about! I got not bad grades in my G.C.S.E‘s, I went to college, I worked and then I opened a business.

There were ups and downs and then my eldest daughter was born almost 9 years ago and life changed more than I was prepared for. There were more ups and downs trying to balance family with career, my role in the business changed. Other people worked with me, they had families of their own and they relied on me for their income.

Eventually after trying very hard to make everything work and causing myself a great deal of unnecessary stress I saw the light. The business was not running to its full potential and I could not give the 110% I had previously given. I found a buyer and sold the business giving me the freedom to start again with work more suited to life as a mother. As anyone looking for this kind of work will know it is far easier said than done.

I started looking for work within my own profession as an assessor, but the jobs that I wanted were not near enough to home. The pay wasn’t great either and so I would not be able to cover the cost of child care and travel. I looked for other work but it didn’t take long to realise: I didn’t have the relevant experience, I didn’t have the qualifications needed or the hours just didn’t suit!

It was very frustrating, but not one to give up I thought I would have to create my own work, I knew this wouldn’t be easy but better than being unsuitable for yet another employer!

My husband suggested I could write a blog, he had read an article about a stay at home mum that wrote a blog and made a nice income. Ideal,I would be able to work around family from home and interesting and challenging! The next day I looked into blogs a little more, I more or less new what the idea of a blog was. I spent some time reading different blogs, some were great and some were quite average! I wasn’t sure I was a writer as such, but I can talk so maybe I could write something half decent if I put my mind to it, but I just didn’t know where to start!

I was still left with the feeling that there must be something I could do from home via the internet and in that same week a friend said almost the same thing to me! So we sat down together, with a cup of tea and put some ideas down on paper. We had some great ideas, a lot of them and not very specific. After a while we thought that we could offer work between us as Virtual Assistants via the internet.

We started work and created a business name, designed a logo and had some business cards and flyers printed. Not knowing quite where to start we looked at forums for help and advise, some comments were very helpful and some shot us down in flames! Very keen to get some work experience we offered work in exchange for feedback on a forum as a starting point. We were very lucky to be offered some work! In all honesty we had no idea what we were being asked to do, but we would give it our best shot!

We sat in my living room one evening with the P.C. laptop and a tablet and persevered until we worked how to complete the work we had been sent. It took us hours and I know I could not have done it on my own!

A year later and our original plan has evolved, we have learned to much together and we are mainly writing sponsored posts now. I have found it to be such an amazing journey in a year, we haven’t yet reached amazing heights but we have built an good basis to build upon. Jane and I work well together and from a writing point of view we are exact opposites which really complements our work. I am amazed that I have been able to make money from writing especially thinking back to first looking at blogs on a year ago. 2013 – the year to grow and improve.

I can write day or night

I can write day or night


2 thoughts on “2013 – The Year to Grow and Improve

  1. dadblunders

    Thank you for the link!

    Blogging is an experience like no other! You have to become dedicated enough to understand that it takes work and creativity. It can become a full-time job unto itself (and that’s without being a full-time parent)!

    I know that I enjoy blogging and writing about my life as a stay-at-home dad as much as anything I have done in my life (okay…except maybe being a full time dad and husband), I started my blog as a type of keepsake for my son but it has evolved based on opportunities that have presented themselves. I now do a few sponsored posts and try to help others as much as possible.

    The greatest challenge I have faced is myself. Life became overly complicated over the last several months and I began to doubt my own abilities (even though in my former career, as a social worker, I had to write reports constantly). I relied on what I learned and the help from other bloggers to help me understand we all go through hardships. I am thankful for all the support I received that helped me find my “voice” again.



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