Days of Loveliness

I have found the perfect antidote to New Year’s Resolution fever!  I recently read an article about a lovely lady who in the dark days after her divorce decided to cheer herself up by scheduling in a ‘Day of Loveliness’ per month.  A ‘Day of Loveliness’ for her meant a spa day, meeting up with friends or a meal out somewhere special – basically something to look forward to every month.

What a truly wonderful idea – 12 days per year where you’re guaranteed to enjoy yourself – rather than the usual old story of getting to 2nd January and ‘forgetting’ all your resolutions then feeling dreadfully guilty about it!

Spas aren’t really my thing so I immediately thought about how I could translate some of my New Years Resolutions into ‘Days’ throughout the year – something to look forward to rather than try to dodge!  Here is how I have improved some of my resolutions:

  • Improve my core stability: becomes a yoga or pilates day course in January.
  • Must catch up with friends more: becomes a date in the diary for February to meet for lunch.
  • I’d like to spend more time playing with my kids:becomes a full day in March of playing at home with all chores/work done so there are no distractions.
  • Do more blogging: becomes a date in the diary in April for scheduling blog themes, ideas and titles into a programme for the coming months.
  • Be a better cook: becomes a days cookery or baking course in May.

I have many more plans for ‘Days of Horseyness’, ‘Days of Reading’ and ‘Days of Organising my House’ – the only problem is going to be finding enough days in the year!

New Years resolutions are normally guilt inducing failures.  This year be different, make 12 days of the year a guilt free success and see how much you can achieve.


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