Making Fudge

We have made a batch of fudge to give as small christmas gifts to friends and family.


250 g granulated sugar

250 g demerara sugar

500 ml double cream

50 ml Irish Cream Liquor

200 g white chocolate


Put all the ingredients, except the chocolate into a large pan

Slowly heat the mixture, stirring all the time. Once the sugar has dissolved bring to the boil.

2012-12-15 08.54.04

Boil steadily for 15-25 mins, this is the bit I find difficult to judge! drop some of the mixture in some cold water and when it forms a solid drop it is ready. My instructions say to boil for 15 mins, I worry about burning the sugar but I have found that after 25 mins it forms the solid drop and didn’t burn!

Remove from the heat, break up the chocolate and stir well into the hot mixture.

Line a 20 x 20 cm tin with non-stick paper, pour in the fudge and allow to cool before cutting into cubes.

2012-12-15 17.52.322012-12-15 17.52.49

My children love putting this into little boxes to give to their teachers and friends!


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