What was on your Christmas List as a Child?

We wrote letters to Santa a few weeks ago now, a list of things to give Santa an idea of the present’s our children would like to receive. The list has their favourite things on it, some things on the list are a surprise, not quite what we expected. Looking through the list the other evening, my Husband and I were comparing the toys we got for Christmas.

My eldest daughter (8) likes arts and crafts and her list has things to make and do. I also like arts and crafts and these types of things haven’t changed much. My son (6) likes Lego, Star Wars, guns, cars, trains…..A lot of these things haven’t changed much either! My youngest daughter (3) like just about anything, just presents!

What has changed a lot are the games consoles! The first console we had at home was a Binatone TV Master. I don’t know what my children would make of this very basic game now. For anyone too young to remember it was 1 or 2 players and the games were tennis, squash, football and practice. The games all looked almost the same, a simple line that was you and a square ball. For a more challenging game the line could be shrunk and the ball could vary in speed, fast or slow. It was and white, the noise was a beep, beep and even fast was not fast. I loved playing that game, I can’t imagine my children would be entertained for nearly as long as I was.

English: First generation console: Binatone TV...

English: First generation console: Binatone TV Master Mk IV. Since 1977 (based on the AY-3-8500 chip)  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I then remember us getting a home computer, the ZX81, though I don’t remember games with the ZX81! We did a little later have a computer that we could copy a programme in ‘basic’ from a book to play a very simple game. I would sit for hours writing the commands, at the end the game never worked and then I had to go back through the programme to find the error in the programme. I was then rewarded with a very simple game that would be lost when I turned the PC off. After writing programmes I was able to load a game from a cassette tape, this would make an awful screeching sound and take at least 1/2 an hour to load!

No wonder I never seemed to have the time to be bored!


4 thoughts on “What was on your Christmas List as a Child?

  1. jdh5153

    In the early 90’s I was all about the GameBoy. Then the SEGA Genesis, PSone, N64 and Dreamcast. Then there was a year when all I wanted was a PDA / Palm Pilot (in middle school). How useful…haha.



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