I Believe in the Magic of Christmas

Christmas postcard, 1911

The other evening while we were eating tea my eldest daughter, 8 announced that she thought I put out the Christmas presents while my husband was eating Santa’s mince-pie and drinking his brandy!

This is very worrying, as everyone knows if you don’t belive in Father Christmas he doesn’t leave you any presents. I can’t imagine how she could have come to this conclusion?

Thinking back to last Christmas:

  • Santa sent a personal email to each of our 3 children.
  • We tracked Santa’s progress on Christmas eve.
  • He ate his mince-pie, drank his brandy, fed Rudolph his carrot and left a thank you note.
  • He used the magic key that we hang out of the upstairs window for him to reach easily and posted it back through the letter box.
  • There were the tell-tale snowy foot prints where he came in.
  • He left a trail of magic dust everywhere he had been in the house, from the front door up the stairs, into the bedrooms and all over the presents.
  • He did seem to have a hole in his sack as he left a trail of chocolate coins up the stairs.
  • There was of course presents!

Georgia must have been thinking and has decided she would like to leave a present for Santa. She is going to make a picture of how she imagines the North Pole looks and hopes Santa will leave a picture of how it really looks! Hopefully Santa really is magic and will come prepared…

I have thought we could light a path for Santa before going to bed on Christmas Eve by putting tea lights into a few empty jam jars outside.

I have heard that Santa has been known to catch his beard on the chimney and leave a little beard behind. We don’t have a chimney so we only have snowy footprints and not sooty ones!

Santa obviously has a lot of houses to visit in one night and can easily catch his coat or sack in the door on the way out leaving a little of his coat or sack.

I belive in the Magic of Christmas


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